The Venue

Wills Hall Conference Centre

The Bristol Conference has been held at Wills Hall for the past decade.

“The accommodation was splendid"

- it was like being at Oxford or Cambridge with our honey-coloured bedrooms round the quadrangle, and our enormous washbasins concealed in oak cupboards. The food and the service were excellent, except I'm now feeling podged - but I think a number of people are.


Meals are served in the Dining Hall in the main building. The Dining Hall is situated on the first floor with lift access. 

The Rooms

During term time, the hall serves as a student residence. The rooms are clean and functional but basic – as one would expect of university accommodation.

conference centre

The conference talks are held in the centre behind the main hall. It is equpped with an audio loop, projector and microphones. Tea and coffee are served in between talks in the foyer.


How to get here

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